ZPD Solutions

ZPD's Product Partner Model

With ZPD Solutions, you get a true technology partner that will empower your organization to design, develop and maintain an unlimited number of low-code applications with an extremely attractive licensing model. Moreover, you will never reach a “dead end” with the technology because it is imminently expandable to support any desired functionality. ZPD has made the development and execution of low-code tools a core pillar of our organizations approach. We empower our customers and partners to solve the highly customized business problems for which there are no commercial off the shelf solutions.

The Product Partnership model delivers these notable business advantages to our clients:

  • Dramatic Licensing Cost Savings - Since ZPD is vertically integrated and owns all the underlying technology in our platform, we are able to create attractive and scalable licensing model for our clients.
  • End User Efficiency - The resulting applications that are produced by a combination of ZappSmith™ low-code tool and our ZPD Solutions product partnership business model translate directly into substantial ease-of-use and productivity benefits to your workforce. An easy to use application results in lower training costs and higher staff productivity.
  • Assistance with Development Responsibilities - The ZPD proposal does not simply throw a low-code solution over the wall along with some training and leave your organization with the responsibility for designing and developing the applications. You will have dedicated team members that will work as part of your organization’s deployment to provide immediate response and customization to your detailed business requirements. Other low-code approaches require you to engage in expensive high margin consultants to learn how to solve the “real world” problems that you will inevitably face. With ZPD Solutions, we are there to enhance your success at every step of the way.

Client Collaboration

Custom Applications Built in Collaboration with Client Stakeholders

ZPD delivers solutions customized to your industry and exacting requirements. Utilizing our Modifiable Off the Shelf (or MOTS-based) technology, solutions are implemented quickly to support your business strategies and at a price point even less than pre-packaged solutions. ZPD can achieve this unique value proposition by leveraging our powerful ZappSmith™ software technology that enables a ZPD project manager and business analyst to quickly and efficiently configure a precise data collection, workflow, and analytical solution to your exacting industry or process-specific requirements.

Each successful client engagement adds to ZPD's portfolio of application components. Our ever-growing list of application components allows us to bring features and benefits from our diverse client base to each new project and customer. Our approach ultimately translates into greater functionality, shorter development timelines, and lower overall costs. Moreover, ZPD is constantly innovating and expanding its core technology suite. The expansion of our technology suite is evident in a product like Driller®, which delivers access to real-time data driven dashboards, provides displays of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and allows users to drill-down into the data collected by the ZPD-configured software system.

Allow ZPD to assist with the development of your Custom Applications at less than the price of competitive Low-Code Solutions.