ZPD Solutions


ZDP allows you to ELIMINATE per user fees with our enterprise licensing programs so you can promote your growth without limiting system access for your team.
Additionally, ZPD’s approach ELIMINATES the costs associated with building or creating your own solutions. Our approach saves you time, reduces your costs, frees your valuable resources and provides higher functionality to ensure your business and system success. Contact sales for the specifics for your industry.

User Pricing

Best for businesses that want to license each user to run a single Zapp application. Provides for the ability to add additional Zapps individually or in a bundled system approach.

ZPD has an extensive library of pre-built Zapps. Often, these pre-built Zapps are bundled with our industry specific solutions. Contact sales for details.


  • Access to license a Pre-built Zapp
  • Configurable Zapp Administration via ZappSmith™ Admin Modules
  • Continued enhancements to Pre-built Zapps
  • Access to ZPD Customer Support
$5/month (per user)


  • All the features of Starter
  • Custom form, visual layouts, and field naming of Zapps
  • Additional custom fields, menu options, and more for each Zapp
$10/month (per user)


  • All the Zapps features from Pro
  • Unlimited amount of ZappSmith™ applications
  • Ability to develop ZappSmith™ applications as a user
  • Access to ZPD resources for assisting in the building of your applications (+$1/user/month)
$25/month (per user)


  • All the features of Premium
  • Substantial discounts available for large enterprise deployments
  • With enterprise pricing, you can eliminate per-user fees for your organization
  • Contact sales for more details
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Zapp Pricing

Best for businesses that want one license for each user, regardless of the number of apps they need to run.

Unlike other platforms, we allow you to customize your per-user fees based on the number of applications that you have, and we even have plans where you can ELIMINATE per-user pricing.

ZappSmith™ application pricing is comprised of subscriptions for pre-built Zapps and per user fees. However, use case and industry oriented Zapps are bundled into industry-specific solutions.

Pricing Varies by industry and use cases - contact sales for more information.

Driller® Pricing

ZPD has several pre-built visual analytic models that come packages with many of our Zapps. In addition, we can provide customized dashboards and system integrations to any data source that you have.

Contact sales for more details.

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