Unique Solutions to Fuel Your Company's Digital Transformation
ZPD’s software platform — backed by our best-in-class professional services team — can help build the solutions to satisfy your business needs.

What we do

ZPD Solutions is a full-service solutions provider, specializing in the design and development of specialized business management software and associated application development tools.

ZPD Solutions helps organizations drive the digital transformation these unprecedented times demand - John F. Kutcher, Ph.D. (CEO)

What we Have


A highly skilled and passionate team consisting of:

  • Software Engineers
  • Application Developers
  • Architects (UX, data analytics, DBMS, APIs, Service Software, etc.)
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts

Track Record

Leading technology partner to companies and institutions in mission critical industries:

  • Built software for the largest trauma centers in the U.S.
  • Trusted technology partner to the Department of Defense for the worldwide US Military injury tracking software
  • 30+ year history of creating industry leading interoperable solutions customized to client’s unique needs


Large technology portfolio of enterprise-grade, field-driven solutions for:

  • Role Based Security
  • UX Forms and Logic
  • DBMS Modeling & Storage
  • Visual Analytics & Driller®
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Web Portal


Unique tools for supporting extensively customized systems:

  • NodeEditor™
  • ZappSmith™
  • Report Writer™

Helping You Fuel Your Digital Transformation

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ZPD is there to help you make your digital transformation and get your business using modern software and web applications.

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