ZPD Solutions

Zapps – Make Spreadsheets a Thing of the Past

ZPD Solutions’ powerful low-code platform – ZappSmith™ – allows users to create enterprise or commercial-grade quality applications to support data tracking and process automation. We have built templates and small-scale business applications with ZappSmith™ to modernize and eliminate spreadsheet applications. We refer to these spreadsheet killers as Zapps. Zapps are easy to use applications, which have powerful drill down reporting capabilities that can easily integrate with existing systems to help streamline business processes.

Any existing spreadsheet-based process can be replaced with one or more Zapps, which will provide users with a secure cloud-based application, robust data entry and comprehensive reporting functionality. Zapps allow for extensive data validation, rich structure, role-based security, multi-user access, and facilitate automatic document generation.

Zapps are the quick to implement -- or pre-built solutions -- to support the digital transformation that our economy and entire world is undergoing at breakneck speed.

Zapps – Quickly address your tracking, analytics and process automation needs.