ZPD Solutions

About Us

Our History

ZPD Solutions LLC (ZPD), a DICORP Inc. (DICORP) company, empowers our clients and partners to create highly customized software applications at extremely low-price points. The ability to provide cost effective solutions is made possible by our long-term investment in developing unique software tools that allow business analysts and subject matter experts to develop and support entire applications that typically require an entire software engineering team.

DICORP launched ZPD Solutions to make our low-code technologies available to organizations. We are vertically integrated, which provides substantial cost advantages to our clients and technological advantages to our clients and users. ZPD flanks all of our engagements with an experienced solutions team that works side-by-side with our clients’ low-code administrators. We refer to this approach as ZPD’s “application development partner” business model. This approach to account management helps drive and ensure success of our client’s initiatives.

Our technology has been used to power healthcare and business applications for leading organizations and our solutions have reached #1 market leading status withing their industry segments!

Our Mission

To provide highly customized software solutions that solve seemingly-impractical real-world problems through novel approaches

ZPD’s vision is to provide technology solutions that enable organizations and business enterprises to implement cost effective business systems to assist with digital transformation and business intelligence needs. The approach is to provide a combination of both software and business professionals to work with our clients to ensure that business needs are quickly, simply and cost effectively as we collaboratively work with our clients to transform their needs into meaningful business applications.