ZPD Solutions

Visual Analytics with ZPD’s Data Driller®

The Driller® Reporting Module is a Data Visualization and Interactive Analysis Tool which delivers access to real-time data driven dashboards and reports, provides displays of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), offers advanced benchmarking and trending, as well as allows users to drill-down to the record level data collected by ZappSmith™, Zapps and other 3rd party systems.

Drill in to your data with real time reports!

Users can navigate dashboard elements and present them in visually stunning configurations by selecting individual areas of graphs and tables that “drill down” into the data relationships that are produced from the data. Driller has advanced filtering capabilities and a very intuitive point-and-click interface for selecting filters, reports, drilling into the data, and exporting the date into PDF, Excel and CSV formats.


Driller® is compatible with any data source and the price for Driller® is included with all Zapps and ZappSmith™ license agreements.

For pricing for Driller Integration with 3rd party tools, contact sales.